Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, take pleasure in Him]; again I will say, rejoice! Phil. 4:4 (AMP)


Rejoice Beloved, God has blessed you with a new day!

God blessed you with two presents that you opened this morning…your eyes. So look around at your blessings, don’t be in such a rush to get through the day that you miss seeing your blessings…breathing, a choice of clothing, transportation, travel mercies, and so much more …did you have something to eat last night, today?


The Apostle Paul was writing to the Philippian church while under arrest to express his love and appreciation of their support. He was able to write about joy and encourage them to have joy and rejoice in the Lord. When you rejoice in the Lord it is not based on your circumstances. Rejoice is a verb, an action word meaning to be glad; take delight in. So take action and choose to rejoice. Let your joy be based on the goodness of God.


Beloved I pray that God keeps His hand upon you blessing you with His grace and mercy. May your day be filled with God’s power and love, as you bless others and glorify God.


Your sister,







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